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       As we make our way through the world as an event company, Mahraj extends its services to provide the best. As a result, Mahraj Events Services is the leading supplier of crowd control barriers in the UAE. With our expertise with event company services, we provide all types of barriers including Metal police barriers, road and diversion barriers, water barriersconcrete barriers, and stanchions. Ablution units,containers customization, AC solutions, and portacabin are also part of what we can supply. We have a big name in the industry of metalwork, aluminum fabrication, and steel fabrication. The event services companies are providing you the best result of your imaginary setup of any of your planned indoor or outdoor events, which can be a party, exhibition, stage performance, live concert, corporate events, wedding, birthday, ceremonies, or any other public gathering where you can receive some expected our unexpected crowd.

We are the leading suppliers of crowd control barriers in UAE and Saudi Arabia. With the fast pace world, Mahraj is making its name on the map. Mahraj events services specialize in crowd control,stage decoration,Mojo barriers , furniture rentals, lighting rentals, tents and shades, ablution unit, cabins and office, storage, and Metal fabrication.

Mahraj Events Rentals is a one-stop platform to bring up the video to you on every occasion. Whether it’s a family gathering or a corporate occasion, Mahraj services are here for you!. With our expertise with events rental services, we provide all types of barriers including metal police barriers, road and diversion barriers, water barriers, concrete barriers, stanchions, AC solutions, and portacabin.