Product Description

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Truss arches are a fantastic and solid way to capture visual appeal, ultimately creating a statement. We have the ability to construct these dramatic entryways or support structures to accommodate any size or space.In addition, our truss arches possess multi-functional properties of which include banner support, LED video support, start & finish lines, VIP entrances & more!

This portable Truss package is made especially for the “show on the go”. Portable sections of heavy duty triangle truss join together quickly and easily creating an instant structure to hang lightweight lighting or display equipment. This Arch Truss System is 11 1/4 feet wide by 9 3/4 feet high.


  • Package includes 2 base plates,
  • 2 straight triangle upright piece,
  • 2 corner triangle truss sections
  • 1 top straight triangle truss section that slide together to create a 10 foot span of truss

Create Start/Finish lines, Entrance/Exit arches, banner displays, and self-supported advertising. Add scaffolding and you now have a great solution for signage over roadways and entrance signage into large events.From start to finish our staff will guide you through the entire process