Product Description

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Chemical Toilet supplier in uae/

Mahraj Events Services offers Chemical Toilets or ‘dry sanitation’ systems do not use water to transport or treat or human excreta. We provide functional and innovative Plastic Toilets that are appropriately designed to conserve precious water resources. Waterless Toilet is designed for remote areas with no possibility of the sewer system or lack of water.

Mahraj Events Services provides high quality and affordable Toilets .Waterless chemical Toilet eliminates the use of water for flushing hence lowering the environmental impacts compared to water-efficient toilets and waste water recycling systems.

Advantages of Chemical Toilet or Waterless Toilet:

• Chemical/Waterless Toilet systems reduce domestic water consumption since they do not require water for flushing.
• These systems reduce the strength and quantity of wastewater to be disposed of onsite.
• Self-sufficient systems does not require an external sewer connection .
• Waterless Plastic Toilets are especially suited for remote sites where conventional onsite systems are not feasible.
• Chemical Toilet systems have low power consumption.