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our temporary bollards have proven strength in high speed traffic conditions and withstanding impact with minimal vehicle damage. This product favourite can help create a temporary barrier for preventing pedestrians, and securing areas. Our T-Top bollards are built to last with its bright fluorescent orange colour and reflective bands providing high visibility at night and day, in all weather conditions.

Perfect for cordoning off no-go areas, creating exclusion zones and controlling traffic with the addition of barrier tape, safety flagging, and plastic chain.

Commonly seen at roadwork sites or areas where civil works are being undertaken, T-top bollards have a universal application and are easily recognised by personnel or members of the public.

  • Bollards feature tough flexible PVC construction to cushion any knocks or collisions.
  • Bollards are easy to recognise and warn people of potential hazards in public areas.
  • T-top bollard posts are lightweight and are supplied with a sturdy and stable 6kg or 8kg base depending on environment and application.
  • T-top bollards are ideal for personnel needing to rope off unauthorised or restricted access areas with bunting flags, safety chain or barrier tape.
  • Our bollard bases feature a built-in handle for ease of access.