Product Description

shade net supplier in uae and ksa / shade net rental in uae and ksa

Shade Netting can protect from the harmful effects of the sun or prying eyes!
Used overhead or as a vertical screen you can provide a shady area which is still pleasant to be in.we use it for Privacy Screens, Play areas, Lounging space, Pet areas, Chicken runs, Windbreaks, Poly Tunnels, Greenhouses.

Manufactures horticultural netting for a range of applications covering shade netting, windbreaks, ventilation netting for polythene houses, frost protection, predator netting and grass germination sheets. Sports netting is produced for a variety of sport applications, including pitch covers, anti-projectile barrier netting, ball-stop netting.

Breathable material design allows cooling breezes and light to pass through for better airy and comfortable space, allows rains to pass through, so there’s no pooling water

Save your plants from the extreme heat during the summers or the freezing dew during the winter nights

Constructed of high quality UV protected high density polyethylene (HDPE) shade cloth

Capable of enduring extreme climatic temperatures and provide maximum shade

Lock stitch knit pattern with mono filament tape construction.

Nominal Fabric mass approximation – 120 – 130 GSM

Offering superior ventilation.

Lower energy costs by reducing the need to run fans during warmer months.

Quick and easy installation that can be taken down during the off-peak season.