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Recommended Use: Exhibition, Groundbreaking Ceremonies,Crowd Control, Event Set-up, Concerts, Indoor and Outdoor Set-up
Color: Faux Concrete
Material: Concrete

highway Barrier help to reduce the risk of an out-of-control vehicle crossing the median and colliding with opposing traffic or roadway workers.
Concrete barriers and blocks are a fast and effective way to manage traffic, preventing unauthorised access to your site and securing empty or unmonitored premises from trespassers, fly tippers, vandals and traveller invasions.
Cast from high strength concrete each of our Road Barriers blocks prevents unwarranted entry whilst their unique design ensures minimal vehicle damage in the case of accidental head-on collisions.
Concrete barriers are extremely durable, offering a robust way to direct traffic, prevent collisions and obstruct vehicular access to certain sections of your site. They are extremely difficult to move (typically requiring specialist equipment or, at the very least, a forklift) making them ideal for use as a long-term barrier.If you need to defend your site against theft, fly tipping or traveller invasions, a barrier of concrete blocks will make it impossible to get vehicles in or out.