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Mahraj Events are the best branding experts. Barrier covers are some of our specialist products. We are the barrier branding experts.
High-quality fitted crowd barrier control covers, printed with your graphics in perfect HD quality. Barrier covers are used as an affordable means of advertising on your crowd control barriers and getting your brand or products across to the masses. With a variety of options and finishes available.

Barriers allow you to display your logo or message easily. This will allow you to highlight your sponsors in the most effective way, and these barriers are customizable to fit your needs and budget.The barriers to controlling crowds are essential equipment for events. They assist in controlling traffic flow. They also allow event organizers to increase the visibility of their events, branding, and other products.

A superb branding opportunity hides unsightly crowd control barriers at events including festivals, sports events, processions, concerts, and more. Available in a range of sizes and materials. We are confident we have the right barrier branding solutions for you.