Banquet Chairs (Copy)

Banquet Chairs (Copy)

Covers: Black / White / Any customize color and design



Mahraj a complete range of Hospitality Contract Furniture that includes Stacking Banquet Chairs , Folding Banquet Tables, Conference Tables, Lightweight Folding Tables, Buffet Tables, Cocktail Tables, Stages, Dance Floors.This Chair is great for any events . perfect for weddings, sit-down dinners, formal parties, and banquets. The Banquet Chair is beautiful and classic furniture that adds elegance and sophistication to any setup. This is available for rent in Dubai and UAE.This chair features a stylish design with all the benefits of a traditional stacking banquet chair. A diverse line of fabrics to complement a wide variety of design needs.All types of furniture rentals for banquet halls with many variations in style such as we have coffee tables, rectangle table and many different types of durable sofas on which more than two, three people can easily sit on it at a time, along with these things we also provide table and chairs rental Dubai. All types of furniture for corporate functions, parties and conference of best quality are also provided by us. We are recognized in Dubai for our quality of furniture rentals that we provide for different occasions.

Banquet Chair

  • Size: Standard Banquet Chair Size
  • Recommended Use: Exhibition, Weddings, Event Set-up, Indoor and Outdoor Set-up, Dining, Gala
  • Color: Red Cushion, Golden Frame
  • Material: Fabric, Metal Frame
  • Capacity: 1 Seater
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